Adirondack Chairs

These chairs are made of pine, but can be made of cedar or redwood.

Deck screws are used for all points of contact. General Finishes Gel Stain is used for color staining. Man-o-War Marine Spar Varnish is used to protect the chair from water or uv damage.

Price range: $375 per chair

Furniture Repairs

Bike hanger or coat hanger


We also made this bike rack out of metal piping and old bike parts. With this one we added new grip tape to the handle bars and old wine corks as bar plugs.


Price: $45


Pallet Walls


This wall is made of new redwood fencing and old pallets and then stained with Teak Oil. This room was completely made over including new paint, new ship lights and installed new USB wall outlets.


Cost: depending on square footage and wood type, paint, fixtures.


Labor: $60 hour

We can also repair broken tables, chairs, and much more.  We can help you fix your family furniture to bring it back to its original beauty and function. Whether it be broken legs, water stains, pet damage or simple wear and tare, we can help you.

Labor: $60 hour